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the bottle houses


The Bottle Houses village contains a six-gabled house, tavern, chapel and gift shop radiating a symphony of sunlight-powered colours in a tranquil garden setting with a delightful goldfish pond and fountain. Enjoy the surrounding gardens and the serene music of the water fountain. Talk with our friendly staff. Find a treasure to bring back with you from our highly acclaimed gift shop. And please do not forget to bring your camera!  Chosen as one of the top 10 things to do on P.E.I. last summer by the Toronto Star, May 6, 2017.


The six gabled house

The first bottle house was built in 1980 out of approximately 12,000 bottles; it measures 20 feet x 14 feet with three main sections. Its six gables and the patterns produced by the careful choosing of colors and sizes of bottles truly makes this a unique building.


The tavern

The second building, built in 1982, with approximately 8,000 bottles. In this tavern-like hexagonal structure, one can admire a large selection of bottles collected by Edouard.  Whenever he came across a bottle that had a special feature, he preferred to keep it for display rather than using it in the construction.




The chapel

The third building constructed with approximately 10,000 bottles, in 1983.  At sunset, a symphony of light and colors streams in from behind the altar. Visitors are likely to sense a feeling of peace and tranquillity as they admire the final chapter of Arsenault's work.


The gardens                                        

Beauty, peacefulness, serenity all await you in the colourful gardens surrounding the Bottle Houses.  "A picture is worth a thousand words".  Be sure to bring your camera along!